Get 1200+ Real Human Active & Interactive Tumblr Followers in 12 Days


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Product Description

For this task, I will need your account access (tumblr login email and password)!

The way I do it is by following about 200 tumblr users each day (tumblr daily limit). The users I follow have a high follow-back rate. Many of them follow bak quickly. However, not all of them will do it in 24 hours. So after I deliver your order, your count can continue to go up.

The task is considered complete when the follower count has increased by 200. Because we are following real people to hope them to follow you in return, I need your login to do so.
These are Real Human Users. (Some other fiverr sellers give you fake followers that obviously will not do you any good.) Check my fiverr rating details and you will find plenty of happy customers!

You can order multiple quantities of this gig. Since these are real followers, you can practically get unlimited followers (Other than the fact that Tumblr has a total following limit of 5000.) However, for each 1200 followers, I will need 12 days to deliver because of the daily limit.
No pornography please. (If you have an adult blog, I can follow adult users for you but there is no guarantee how many will follow back.)

Do not order if you can’t give temp account access (login & password) to me! Please provide your login and password during checkout or email to us.

Delivery time: 12 days for every 1200 followers.