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Product Description

Many Tumblr blogs have problems with their themes. For example, some blog’s ask link does not work. Some have links going to wrong places. There are some popular free themes that are simply a mess. For example, themes by James, though looking nice, is a mess in coding. The mess makes you unable to change many things you desire. Adding tumblr music player also breaks a lot of things easily. For example, it breaks some theme’s permalinks. The URL of permalinks all become your blog URL, etc.

I can help you fix your themes functionality, based on your needs, including
1, enable/disable links on your index page or permalink pages.
2, show or don’t show comments on your index or permalink pages
3, show or don’t show dates or sources on your index or permalink pages
4, show or don’t show your tags on index or permalink pages
5, change background colors to exactly match certain color or using background images
6, change image sizes on your index or permalink pages,

Money back guaranteed if I cannot fix your problem.

How to do this: after ordering,
go to account settings, click on the blog, click “customize”, then “edit HTML”, select all, copy, and save it as a text file, and send it to sales@white-light.net, along with your Paypal email address.

or if you prefer, you can simply give me your tumblr account login details.