Broadcast Your Tumblr Post to my 100,000 Followers Adding 14 Notes to Your Post


Product Description

I have 7 tumblr accounts with a total of 100,000 unique followers. From each account, I will reblog & like your tumblr post and give you 14 notes (7 reblogs 7 lkes).

Often you will end up with more notes because some of my followers may add to the notes. My followers are real users that I gained over the months.

Note: the ultimate result (response from tumblr audience, notes gained, etc) depends on your post quality. Some of my reblogs ended up gaining up to 600+ notes, while some do not gain any additional notes at all (other than the 14 notes I added). Posts that are straight advertisement usually will not get a lot of response (reblogs or likes). Posts with no images, especially those with long text, usually are not very popular. I cannot guarantee any additional note gain in addition to my 14 notes.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Images are usually more better accepted than words/texts. This is especially true on Tumblr. Wisdom quotes work very well on Tumblr, but it’s recommended that they are posted as “Photo.”

Tags: tags are important for original posts, they do not have any effects for reblogs. You can search on Tumblr to verify this. Therefore, I do not add tags in the reblogs. It is your responsibility to add tags in your post, and add links in your post. My reblogs will automatically carry your links.

Delivery time: 24 hours.

please provide 1 Tumblr post URL (must contain “/post”) for each order. I cannot/will not post duplicates. So if you order multiple units, please provide multiple post URLs.


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